Version 1.0.18 April 4, 2023
Added compatibility with Odenia Online "safe" game-client;

Version 1.0.17 Jan 21, 2022
Added Navigation;

Added Options -> Use Packets;

Added LUA->navsay(string text);

Added LUA->getnewnavmessages();

Added LUA->navcomboattack(string/number creature);

Added LUA->navcomborune(string/number rune, string/number creature);

Added LUA->navcombospell();

Added LUA->navcombomwall(number x, number y, number z, boolean vertical);

Fixed several minor and major stuff;

Improved several minor and major stuff;

Version 1.0.16 May 24, 2020
Fixed several minor and major stuff;

Improved several minor and major stuff;

Version 1.0.15 Feb 6, 2020
Added new Looter conditions;

Fixed several minor and major stuff;

Improved Targeting;

Improved Looter;

Improved several minor and major stuff;

Version 1.0.14 November 3, 2020
Fixed LUA->attacked();

Fixed LUA->following();

Fixed LUA->target();

Fixed Persistents; Causing GUI to "freeze";

Added Options->Full Light;

Added minor stuff;

Version 1.0.13 September 27, 2020
Added compatibility to work on;

Fixed login problem on Windows 7;

Version 1.0.12 October 20, 2019
Added compatibility to work on;

Version 1.0.11 October 05, 2019
Added Options->Change gold/platinum to work on;

Fixed Cavebot not walking on fields on;

Fixed Looter not opening bags on;

Improved Cavebot;

Version 1.0.10 September 28, 2019
Added client compatibility to and;

Fixed Runemaker->Refill Settings->Danger;

Improved Looter;

Version 1.0.9 February 18, 2019
Improved Runemaker->Refill Settings;

Fixed Runemaker->Refill Settings->Food SQM;

Version 1.0.8 December 29, 2018
Improved Cavebot;

Fixed Runemaker->Refill Settings;

Fixed Bot's title client is closed;

Fixed Alerts->Items on Screen;

Fixed GUI->Cavebot->Waypoints;

Fixed LUA->reachgrounditem;

Fixed LUA->openitem;

Fixed Trainer;

Version 1.0.7 November 28, 2018
Fixed HUDs->Show waypoints;

Fixed Save->Waypoints->Range Y;

Fixed Say/Cast function;

Version 1.0.6 September 26, 2018
Fixed Login;

Version 1.0.5 September 07, 2018
Added Options->"Pause Bot" hotkey;

Added Options->"Show Bot" hotkey;

Added Options->"Dancer" hotkey;

Improved LUA->moveitemsonto;

Improved Hotkeys;

Fixed Looter;

Fixed Cavebot;

Version 1.0.4 Aug 24, 2018
Improved LUA->reachcreature;

Fixed GUI->Cavebot->Waypoints;

Fixed Cavebot->Use;

Fixed LUA->itemcount();

Fixed LUA->usedoor();

Fixed LUA->getcreatures();

Fixed LUA->reachcreature();

Fixed LUA->windowcount();

Fixed LUA->getnewmessages();

Fixed Looter;

Fixed Input;

Version 1.0.3 Aug 03rd, 2018
Added Looter->(Item)->Alarm on;

Added LUA->screenshot();

Added LUA->speech();

Added LUA->speechstate();

Added LUA->stopspeech();

Added LUA->moveitemsslot();

Added LUA->openitemslot();

Added LUA->itemhasflags();

Added LUA->itemflags();

Fixed Alerts->Default Message;

Fixed Options->Display exp/h;

Fixed Tools->Persistent->Remove;

Fixed Hotkeys->Use on Target;

Fixed Tools->Heal Friend;

Fixed Icon;

Fixed HUDs;

Fixed Targeting;

Fixed LUA->self(), LUA->target(), LUA->following();

Fixed LUA->gotolabel();

Fixed LUA->setsettings();

Fixed LUA;

Improved Cavebot;

Improved Options->Full Light;

Version 1.0.2 July 18, 2018
Added LUA->self(), LUA->target(), LUA->following();

Added Options->Display exp/h;

Fixed Targeting;

Version 1.0.1 July 17, 2018
Added HUDs;

Fixed Tools->Auto Haste;

Fixed Tools-Pickup Spear;

Fixed GUI->Looter;

Fixed GUI->Cavebot;

Fixed Alerts->VIP Online;

Fixed LUA->wait();

Fixed LUA->dropitems();

Fixed LUA->moveitems();

Version 1.0.0 July 11, 2018
Released first Classictibia Bot version.